Episode 28: The Bard and the Dancer

Wherein our ""Heroes"" go to a party and ""perform"" a song.

Music Attribution: 

Star Clash Theme by Ben Briggs - https://soundcloud.com/bbriggsmusic

The Acoustican Nameday Song (Basterds) by Blackula Hunter - https://soundcloud.com/blackulahuntermusic

The Acoustican Nameday Song (Red Hand) by Blackula Hunter - https://soundcloud.com/blackulahuntermusic

Ghost Horse Mail Delivery Service by Blackula Hunter - https://soundcloud.com/blackulahuntermusic

The Insufferable Basterds Play The Traditional Acoustican Nameday Song Better, But Thrimlach Is Still Bad At Sir Gnomophone by Blackula Hunter - https://soundcloud.com/blackulahuntermusic

When Undead Priests Invoke Undead Gods by Blackula Hunter - https://soundcloud.com/blackulahuntermusic

Bunny Chef Exploration by Patashu - https://soundcloud.com/patashu

Cruel Demands by Patashu - https://soundcloud.com/patashu

Cursed Melodies no. 1 by Patashu - https://soundcloud.com/patashu

Niflheim’s Box by Patashu - https://soundcloud.com/patashu

Out With The Tide 2 by Patashu - https://soundcloud.com/patashu

Firefly Village - Main Theme by Steven O’Brien - https://soundcloud.com/stevenobrien

Unfinished MMORPG Score - Main Title by Steven O’Brien - https://soundcloud.com/stevenobrien

Credit Where Credit is Due by VCMG - https://soundcloud.com/vincmg

Victory Flower Fields by VCMG - https://soundcloud.com/vincmg

SFX Attribution


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