The 20-Sided Theatre Project began waaaay back in the year 2007, when the internet had barely taken shape and the digital frontiers were still wild.  After 6 years of adventuring, we decided to venture out into this new, unsettling landscape, in order to share our stories of triumph and defeat.

We hope you enjoy our stories, almost as much as we hope you are enjoying the stories of your own triumphs and trials.

Our Team

The Twenty-Sided Theatre is the result of many people's labors.  The list of people below is presented in order of DMing.

Rudraigh Quattrin served as the first DM for the 20-Sided Theatre, and he still serves to this day.  He primarily takes charge of editing down Rhomande's "scripts", which tend to be foot-high stacks of parchment covered in a cramped and barely-legible variant of the Elvish Language.  

Blake Parker served as the second DM for the 20-Sided Theatre, and he also serves to this day.  His primary task is the marshaling and organization of the many Stage Wizards employed by Master Sorfinde, as well as overseeing the impenetrably confusing technical marvels provided by Master Shenouda.  

Cian Quattrin served as the third DM for the 20-Sided Theatre, and he also serves to this day.  His primary duty is to sort through the many "volunteers" provided by Master Lenanien and Dame Marsvel, determining which would serve best as actors and which as stage support.  

Gabriel Abinante has been a DM for the 20-Sided group, as well.  We don't really know what he does, but he assures us that Father Maldreth's actions are thoroughly researched and historically accurate.

C(eri) Quattrin has never served as DM.  Her primary duty is liaison between Master Sorfinde's theatre and Lady Featherfoot's public relations firm, Pengonquin Public.  Pengonquin Public: Making the truth seem cute, until it is far too late.




Rhómandé Sorfíndë performs free of charge for the plebs of Oak Vale every Warsday.