Recommended by the Church of War!


Our Philosophy

This world is full of wonder, triumph, tragedy, and defeat.  So few of our stories are even told, let alone remembered for generations.  The Twenty Sided Theatre believes that all Sapient Beings are worth inspecting, listening to, learning from, performing experiments upon, and remembering.  These stories were ours, and now they are yours.


Our Product

We collect, recycle, retailor, and repackage Adventures, for your consumption and entertainment.  Our raw materials are the voices and vices of only the finest adventurers - all locally sourced and grass fed.  

Underwritten by Shenouda NecroCo!


Our Pride

Greetings.  I am the Inextricable Rhómandé Sorfíndë, Bard without Peer.

Welcome to my Theatre.

Oh, and all of these people I travel with did some pretty amazing things, too.  But I am the Bard, and I have a tendency to embellish the Facts with a little Truth.