Episode 27: The Party of the Year

Wherein our ""heroes"" search Acoustica for traps and Thrimlach explains what to do with a Don't Box.

Music Attribution



Transition by AardvarksAnonymous - https://soundcloud.com/aardvarksanonymous

Star Clash Theme by Ben Briggs - https://soundcloud.com/bbriggsmusic

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Waiting Game by Patashu - https://soundcloud.com/patashu

While Atlantis Sleeps by Patashu - https://soundcloud.com/patashu

Willow (Not A True Ending) by Patashu - https://soundcloud.com/patashu

Cubed Adventure by RoccoW - https://soundcloud.com/roccow

Electric Donkey Muscles by RoccoW - https://soundcloud.com/roccow

Bombay Summer by Silverman Sound Studios - https://soundcloud.com/silvermansound

Firefly Village - Main Theme by Steven O’Brien - https://soundcloud.com/stevenobrien

Unused Solemn Introduction Piece No. 1 by Steven O’Brien - https://soundcloud.com/stevenobrien

Credit Where Credit is Due by VCMG - https://soundcloud.com/vincmg

Victory Flower Fields by VCMG - https://soundcloud.com/vincmg



SFX Attribution

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Downloaded on December 27th, 2017

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