Episode 11: The Right to Leave

Wherein our "Heroes" set out on the right path and get a history lesson.

Show Notes

Episode 11 Music Attribution

Back on Tracker II by Bart Spaans - https://soundcloud.com/bart-spaans

Zenuwenmuziek by Bart Spaans - https://soundcloud.com/bart-spaans

Windhoek Nights (2006) by Dualtrax & Bzl - https://soundcloud.com/dualtrax

Firelight by Kubbi & Jonas Dam - https://soundcloud.com/kubbi

Sylvius Leopold Weiss - Courante in F major by Miguel Angel Aldunce - https://soundcloud.com/miguel-angel-aldunce

The Caves of Brain by multi8it - https://soundcloud.com/multi8it

No You by multi8it - https://soundcloud.com/multi8it

[Undertale-Style Boss Battle] Magenta Storm by Patashu - https://soundcloud.com/patashu

OHC Mechanized Whalesong [Famitracker Chiptune] by Patashu - https://soundcloud.com/patashu

Telekinesis for Dummies by roboctopus - https://soundcloud.com/roboctopus

Lickin’ Stamps by Shawn Daley - https://soundcloud.com/shawndaley

The Villain by Shawn Daley - https://soundcloud.com/shawndaley

Victory Flower Fields by VCMG - https://soundcloud.com/vincmg

Credit Where Credit is Due by VCMG - https://soundcloud.com/vincmg


Soundcloud message to artists:

Hey, just wanted to say hi and let you know that NAME is part of the upcoming 11th Episode of The 20-Sided Theatre podcast, available July 5th.  You can find it at twentysidedtheatre.com or on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.  Thanks for the great music!

Episode 11 SFX Attribution


S: 20100213.tuning.02.wav by dobroide -- http://www.freesound.org/people/dobroide/sounds/90352/ -- License: Attribution

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