Episode 14: The Business of Departure

Wherein our ""heroes"" are called to action, and they decide to go on a boat ride instead.

Episode 14 Music Attribution


Scar-Crossed by Dawn of Neptune - https://soundcloud.com/dawn-of-neptune


Burning!! By Ditenado - https://soundcloud.com/ditenado

Dust to Diamonds by Ditenado - https://soundcloud.com/ditenado

Proglodidus by JohnStuart - https://soundcloud.com/jj_stuart

Restoration by Kubbi & Jonas Dam - https://soundcloud.com/kubbi

Vitamin B12 by Kubbi & Jonas Dam - https://soundcloud.com/kubbi

[8-Bit Aquatic Chill] Come To Me, Atlantis by Patashu - https://soundcloud.com/patashu

Firefly Village - Main Theme by Steven O’Brien - https://soundcloud.com/stevenobrien

Unfinished MMORPG Score - Main Title by Steven O’Brien - https://soundcloud.com/stevenobrien

Le Village des Ménestrels by Tristan Lohengrin - https://soundcloud.com/tristanlohengrin

Look at the Clouds by Tristan Lohengrin - https://soundcloud.com/tristanlohengrin

Victory Flower Fields by VCMG - https://soundcloud.com/vincmg

Credit Where Credit is Due by VCMG - https://soundcloud.com/vincmg


Episode 14 SFX Attribution


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